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 Magic John - Biography

The artist Magic John was born and raised in East Berlin. For the most part he grew up at his grandmother's house. His grandmother was a famous healer and herbs doctor.
She taught the boy about herbs he found in the forests of his hometown.
As Magic John grew older he developed a great interest for other cultures. The Native American culture inspired him greatly and he deeply wished to travel to the USA. However, the political situation in East Germany prevented it.

After he finished high school Magic John started an apprenticeship as a cook. He was an active member of the peace-movement and highly critical of the Communist system. Clashes with the Secret State Police (STASI) allowed him to come to the conclusion that his life in East Germany was in danger. Therefore, Magic John planned to leave the country illegally.
From East Berlin he traveled to Bulgaria via Hungary and Romania. In the mountains of Dragoman he was caught and sent back to East Berlin.
The East German government put him in prison for two years.
After eleven months the West German government bought Magic John’s freedom and enabled him to come to West Berlin.
Magic John however, did not stay there for he still dreamt of going to the United States.
With only a couple of dollars and a flight ticket in his pocket Magic John traveled to the USA. For the next three years he lived in New York, Boston and Chicago working as a chef in several famous restaurants.

In 1989 Magic John watched the Berlin Wall fall live on CNN. This major event in world history made him return to Germany. As the euphoria of the German reunification cooled down, Magic John moved to Ghana, West Africa.
For a few months he lived in the house of a powerful medicine man in a village near Kumasi.
Here he came in touch with the African culture and music. Magic John traveled around the country, staying for a long period of time in Bolgatanga. 
There he was initiated in the mystery and magic of the Frafra tribe.
On his return to Germany, Magic John settled down in a town in the middle of the Black Forest. In his free time he liked to cruise around on his motorbike.

In 1993 Magic John was involved in a road accident and lost his right leg.
During the long medical rehabilitation process Magic John started playing the guitar to overcome his psychological trauma.
In the following years he played in a several bands and in acoustic projects.
One of his band colleagues discovered Magic John’s vocal talent and from then on Magic John took on vocal parts in songs.
Shortly before the turn of the century Magic John traveled again back to West Africa to produce the album of a local reggae band.

Back in Germany, Magic John produced his first solo song ''Free Falling'' with the help of Ralf Greiner, the owner of the ''Recording-Zone-Studio''.
In September 2001 Magic John traveled once more to Accra, Ghana to work with Ghanian musicians on his next album. He went on a concert tour with Nana Finn and other famous artists.  At the King's recording studio he composed and arranged 12 songs for his next album, among them ''She Has Gone'', ''Out of the Darkness'' and ''Don't You Worry''.

During the recording process Magic John received the news that his grandmother had fallen ill and hence took the next plane back to Berlin to see her.
He decided to sell his apartment in Rheinfelden near the Swiss border and rented an apartment in Berlin to be closer to his grandmother. He could not return to Africa to finish the album.

Through a friend he got in contact with the musician and producer Dirk Schloemer.
With Schloemer’s help Magic John arranged his album "Secret Place".

At the moment Magic John is working on his new project "Freedom".

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